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Lecture: "The Society of St. Pius V and the Thuc Bishops"

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An Open Letter to

Bishop Clarence Kelly

on the "Thuc Bishops"

and the Errors in

The Sacred and the Profane




Mario Derksen, M.A.


Another Good Read:

The Answers
by Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt

A Collection of Arguments for and against the Thuc Consecrations

on YouTube:

Fr. Cekada-Fr. Jenkins Debate on SSPV Policy of Refusing the Sacraments to Thuc Line Adherents (2002)

The Other Side:

Link to Bp. Kelly's Book The Sacred and the Profane in PDF

See for yourself which side has the evidence in its favor

on YouTube:

Video of 1991 Debate between CMRI and SSPV Clergy in Cincinnati, Ohio


A Study of Catholic Principles
Applicable to the Fact, Validity, and Lawfulness
of the 1981 Episcopal Consecrations of Bishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc

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Part I - The Fact of Bp. Thuc's 1981 Episcopal Consecrations
Part II - The Validity of these Consecrations
Part III - The Lawfulness of these Consecrations
Appendix A - Is Rejecting the Thuc Consecrations just "Following the Safer Course"?
Appendix B - Did Bp. Thuc Simulate a Sacrament?
Appendix C - Bp. Thuc's Intervention Regarding Non-Christians at Vatican II
Appendix D - Was Bp. Thuc Guilty of Heresy?
Appendix E - Did Bp. Thuc Change the Rite of Episcopal Consecration?
Appendix F - Is the Episcopal Lineage of Bp. Thuc "Sordid"?
Appendix G - Photographs of the 1981 Thuc Consecrations
Appendix H - The Consecration Certificate of Bp. Carmona
Appendix I - Short Bibliography

Due to a lack of serious objections to the study as of August 3, 2013, there is currently no plan for publishing objections and replies.